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Super Monday Night Combat

Company: Uber Entertainment

Release: April 18, 2012

Role: Creative Director

Note: Uber Entertainment's first free-to-play game. Took Monday Night Combat and expanded it. Attracted over 4 million players on Steam.


  • Designed and maintained all free-to-play mechanics

  • Designed all the characters, skills, and weapons

  • Designed most of the maps

  • Game Balance

  • Wrote thousands of lines of client/server code for skills, weapons, and more.


  • Free-To-Play is an entire different design mindset than a premium game. The analytics mechanisms you have in place must help drive your game design or you will make no money.

  • Making a sequel to a game is an art. Too much drastic change, even if it's a better design, can be a detriment.

  • Proper planning and communication is important. We released Super MNC before it was ready.