Planetary Annihilation

Company: Uber Entertainment

Release: September 5, 2014

Role: Creative Director

Note: Uber Entertainment's huge Kickstarter in 2012 kicked off this game. Returning to my RTS roots I worked on both Toy Rush and PA at the same time. 


  • Built the entire single player experience in two months with one engineer

  • Game Balance

  • Unit design

  • General gameplay mechanic design


  • Juggling Game Director on one game and being designer on another is a difficult challenge.

  • One of the strongest scoping challenges I had. Two months to pull off an entire single player and we did it by carefully constructing how our procedural generation worked.

  • Games can actually be too big. PA is the first game where a player's ability to pay attention to everything is a resource.

  • I learned ton about using Kickstarter. That can be found here: