Monday Night Combat

Company: Uber Entertainment

Release: August 11, 2010

Role: Creative Director

Note: First game by Uber Entertainment. A hybrid Shooter/MOBA set as a future e-sport. Was in Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade and remains one of the all time best sellers for XBLA


  • Designed all the characters, skills, and weapons

  • Designed most of the maps

  • Game Balance

  • Wrote thousands of lines of client/server code for skills, weapons, and more.


  • Uber's first employee allowed me to be part of a start up and see first hand what it takes.

  • When pitching to publishers, visuals make all the difference.

  • Merging genres comes with very interesting challenges. Taking a top-down MOBA and moving the camera down to be a shooter changed all the rules.

  • Being a Creative Director of a company, learning to lead creatives and communicate much better with all of them.